Detroit Foundation Digital Ads and Email

Operated by Aparium Hotels, Detroit Foundation Hotel is a one-of-a-kind property built in the former Detroit Firehouse headquarters. Our goal in designing and producing digital and email marketing material was to embody the collaborative, Detroit-inspired spirit of the property and its place among the city’s cultural renaissance.

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Rosewood St. Barth Interactive In-Room Directory

Rosewood Le Guanahani St. Barth is a luxurious island resort owned by Rosewood Hotels. We designed copy and creative for their interactive in-room directory, introducing guests to the many opportunities and amenities available to them in a beautiful, easy-to-use format.

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Doña Loca

Dona Loca Mezcals and Tequilas are the brainchild of Denver celebrity chef Dana Rodriguez. Dana's longtime nickname, "Dona Loca" or "Crazy lady", represents her strong, passionate, and familial leadership style and truly lent itself to the branding of these carefully created spirits. We designed and built a web presence for Dona Loca that embodies the

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Hudson & Leonard

Aroma Culinary is a manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived CBD infused culinary condiments. We helped redesign and refine the identity of their brand. Paying homage to Jamacian chef and co-founder, Leighton Murdock, we infused colors emblematic of Jamaica into the color palette with colors that resemble herbal and earthy tones. For the logo we wanted

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Jocelyn McCall

Jocelyn McCall is a multidisciplinary expert in global brand marketing. She has 10+ years of experience bridging the gap between businesses and their consumers. McCall is a highly motivated and respected leader and she needed a website to reflect that. We built out a website to not only-show off her decorated portfolio but also be

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St. Regis Bal Harbour

St. Regis Bal Harbour is a renowned destination for any traveling through Miami, playing host to internal guests and residents alike. MCLLC was asked to create a digital weddings brochure that would capture the elegance and accommodations on offer. Once completed, this digital brochure was hosted online so that it could be easily shared with

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Ella CityHomes

In Denver’s newest neighborhood at 9th and Colorado, CIM is developing 9+CO, a walkable urban city center full of retail and lifestyle brands as well as luxury apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. Ella CityHomes is their premium residential product, and the townhouses deserved outstanding identity and brand development. As an all-encompassing sales tool, the Ella CityHomes

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The Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver is where the coolest things in the city happen. It’s trendy and progressive, central to business and tourism, and it’s a community presses the boundaries of culture. When Lighthouse Lofts rebranded to align with the neighborhood, Espadín was born. We created a website that reflects the architecture of the


Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt Chicago reached out to us to assist in developing an interactive catering menu to be utilized with hotel clients. Our team worked with Park Hyatt to layout and produce an interactive catering menu to be viewed by clients online. It was important for this menu to be very user-friendly while upholding the brand

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