Drury Lane Show Art

Drury Lane has been a Chicagoland institution for more than sixty years, offering Broadway-caliber performances with industry leading talent. For their 2022-2023 & 2023-2024 theatrical seasons, Drury Lane needed original artwork to promote each show. Our team drew inspiration from the destinations, textures, and tones of each show to conjure the rich worlds built on

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Marriott Toile Pattern

For the luxury travel conference in Cannes, France our team was asked to design a toile pattern that would appear as the standard throughout the various booths and end-user facing touchpoints for Marriott’s luxury brands, MILUX. For the design, we incorporated original illustrations of idyllic nature scenes in a baroque, French country style paired with

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2 Korean Girls

2 Korean Girls is a sister-owned Korean scratch kitchen in Miami celebrating modern Bibimbap-inspired comfort food. For their launch, we created an engaging, bubbly brand with Korean-inspired cartoon graphics and vibrant colors. Since launching, we’ve executed that branding in a variety of exciting print and packaging mediums that enrich the end-user experience of 2KG.

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Clayton Factsheets

Clayton Denver is a luxury boutique hotel located in Cherry Grove. Operated by Aparium Hotels, we were tasked with creating individual factsheets and capacity charts for each of their one-of-a-kind properties across the country. For Clayton, we were inspired by the property’s  Colorado-modern aesthetic, drawing on the warm russet tones and natural elements to create

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Surety Wedding Brochure

Aparium Hotels wanted to create a series of wedding brochures for each of their one-of-a-kind properties. This essential sales tool needed to communicate the unique experience of each boutique hotel as well as deliver the hard facts that potential clients care most about. For Surety, we captured the spirit and aesthetic of this landmark property

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Following a renovation of this boutique Michigan hotel, they needed various marketing collateral that reflected the new, modern aesthetic of the property. We incorporated a fresh, geometric pattern with contemporary textured accents to create a look that was both modern and refined. 


Spring & Dean

For a collaboration between The St. Regis Aspen and W Aspen hotels during Ski Week, our team designed a custom bottle label for a limited release rum. Our design was rooted in the unmistakable trees that give this iconic location its name, as well as a name derived from the two streets the properties reside

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Tribune Print Ads

As the agency of record for the iconic Tribune Tower’s transformation from historic office building to gorgeous luxury residences, we designed several campaigns throughout construction and delivery. Our goal was to communicate the unrivaled history, amenities, and lifestyle available for the first time, and the unique opportunity to live within a piece of Chicago’s history.

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The Dominick

The Dominick is a hotel located in Soho NYC. Our team created business cards for the hotel staff that highlight the inspired Andy Warhol flower.

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The Dominick

The Dominick is an independent Five-Diamond property located New York City. Our team created a booklet to highlight the various spaces The Dominick offers for any sized meeting or event. The booklet is composed of sweeping views of the hotel, Manhattan and detailed information for each event space.

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