Drury Lane Show Art

Drury Lane has been a Chicagoland institution for more than sixty years, offering Broadway-caliber performances with industry leading talent. For their 2022-2023 & 2023-2024 theatrical seasons, Drury Lane needed original artwork to promote each show. Our team drew inspiration from the destinations, textures, and tones of each show to conjure the rich worlds built on

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Studio 3 Miami Wrap

Studio Three, Chicago’s fastest growing boutique fitness brand, is expanding their community to two new markets in 2023, Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida. While under construction, the team wanted their flagship Miami studio wrapped in sexy, eye-catching graphics to maximize interest and get people excited about their launch. Our team designed a series of wraps

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Tribune Tower

The Tribune Tower is a Chicago landmark, lauded for its architecture and storied history. MCLLC was given the opportunity to work with this iconic building, developing a three-hundred foot long scaffold to promote the new Tribune Tower Residences and shops that will line Michigan Avenue.

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45w45 underwent an extensive rehab in 2015, offering an updated lobby, elevator and facade to its residents. MCLLC was approached to develop an eye-catching scaffold that utilized the limited photo assets available.


The Lot

The Lot is a historic movie and television production facility. We worked alongside their team to create a typographic + 3d effect mural, showcasing movies worked on at The Lot.

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Ambassador Chicago

The Ambassador Chicago reached out to our team for a fun project that would include a wrap design for their mobile coffee cart. The cart uses vinyl stickers with the hotel branding and social media outlets.

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Petite Margeaux

Petit Margeaux, a timeless quick service restaurant located in Waldorf Astoria Chicago, wanted to create brand visuals for their window frontage. We created some custom sketches of their product line as the centerpiece of a design that we printed and contour cut out of vinyl and installed specifically to not block light or the line

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