Potter’s Burger Bar

The Palmer House reached out to us to help assist in redesigning the menus for Potter’s Chicago Burger Bar. Our team worked with the Palmer House to concept, design new menus and create similarly aligned collateral. Each collateral piece would carry a “retro-diner” theme with a modern twist.

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Terrace on 7

Terrace on 7 is an indoor-outdoor Japanese sushi bar and pool area located on the 7th floor of The Dominick Hotel. To remind visitors of the vertical elevation, our team emphasized on the number 7 and incorporated a wave icon to imply the water element.

Terrace on 72020-05-21T17:41:02+00:00

Gioia Ristorante E Pastaficio

Gioia Chicago is a new restaurant located in the West Loop neighborhood. Our team developed a branding package for Gioia Ristorante E Pastaficio that celebrates their classically comfortable Italian cuisine with detailed and elegant design.

Gioia Ristorante E Pastaficio2020-05-21T17:40:39+00:00