Hudson & Leonard

Aroma Culinary is a manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived CBD infused culinary condiments. We helped redesign and refine the identity of their brand. Paying homage to Jamacian chef and co-founder, Leighton Murdock, we infused colors emblematic of Jamaica into the color palette with colors that resemble herbal and earthy tones. For the logo we wanted

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2 Korean Girls

2 Korean Girls is a new delivery restaurant in Miami, Florida. Two Korean Girls aimed to have a huge rollout, so they needed packaging that represented their brand, caught the eye of social influencers and added some excitement to the delivery process. We designed a delivery box with a bubbly, pink aesthetic reminiscent of Korean

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Concentric Consulting

Concentric Consulting is a premium nutrition and exercise coaching service that helps hundreds of clients achieve inspiring before-and-afters. We developed a brand that's consistent with the professionalism and intention behind their business, with a logo mark and color palette that project their premier market position. Then we animated it just to show off a little.

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Hockey Invitational

A local Chicago hockey association contacted MCLLC looking for a logo to announce their new tournament. Our team worked closely with the league director to create a bold, vector logo that could be used in both print and digital applications.

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Ella CityHomes

Ella CityHomes is a luxurious townhome development located in Colorado. By researching the history and location of the neighborhood, our team was able to provide various naming conventions for the development. Inspired by the neighborhood, Bellaire Street gives birth to the name “Ella” located in the center of the word. The logo uses a wide

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The Lounge

As part of the hotel renovation, The Lounge at The Redbury is a completely new bar located in the hotel lobby in New York City. Our task was to create a brand story that would subtly tell the history and heritage of the hotel. Our concept was to highlight what process can look like in

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The Ashburn

The Ashburn is a family style restaurant located in Loews Hotel O’hare. Our team developed a brand that paid tribute to the airport environment. The new branding direction included a new branding colors, fonts, and a refresh to menus and posters. Our solution was to study vintage airport colors and find ways to incorporate big

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River East Collection

The River East Collection is part of a hotel collection in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. Our team provided a logo constructed by using the letter “R” and infusing a directional arrow pointing east to represent the location of the collection.

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Espadin is part of a development collection located in the LoHi neighborhood in Denver Colorado. Our team created a new identity for Espadin to be used on all print & digital collateral. The brand pays tribute to the sharpness of the espadin plant with spanish influences.


Potter’s Burger Bar

The Palmer House reached out to us to help assist in redesigning the menus for Potter’s Chicago Burger Bar. Our team worked with the Palmer House to concept, design new menus and create similarly aligned collateral. Each collateral piece would carry a “retro-diner” theme with a modern twist.

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