Gwen Luxury Bottles

For the luxury downtown Chicago hotel, The Gwen, we were asked to design a pair of bottles for the hotel’s in-room, “ready-to-drink” cocktails. Our designs were inspired by The Gwen’s art deco, lithograph patterns and the art featured on the Upstairs at The Gwen terrace by Jas Peterson. The results were beautiful and embody the

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2 Korean Girls

2 Korean Girls is a sister-owned Korean scratch kitchen in Miami celebrating modern Bibimbap-inspired comfort food. For their launch, we created an engaging, bubbly brand with Korean-inspired cartoon graphics and vibrant colors. Since launching, we’ve executed that branding in a variety of exciting print and packaging mediums that enrich the end-user experience of 2KG.

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Following a renovation of this boutique Michigan hotel, they needed various marketing collateral that reflected the new, modern aesthetic of the property. We incorporated a fresh, geometric pattern with contemporary textured accents to create a look that was both modern and refined. 


Spring & Dean

For a collaboration between The St. Regis Aspen and W Aspen hotels during Ski Week, our team designed a custom bottle label for a limited release rum. Our design was rooted in the unmistakable trees that give this iconic location its name, as well as a name derived from the two streets the properties reside

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Doña Loca

Dona Loca Mezcals and Tequilas are the brainchild of Denver celebrity chef Dana Rodriguez. Dana's longtime nickname, "Dona Loca" or "Crazy lady", represents her strong, passionate, and familial leadership style and truly lent itself to the branding of these carefully created spirits. We designed and built a web presence for Dona Loca that embodies the

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Hudson & Leonard

Aroma Culinary is a manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived CBD infused culinary condiments. We helped redesign and refine the identity of their brand. Paying homage to Jamacian chef and co-founder, Leighton Murdock, we infused colors emblematic of Jamaica into the color palette with colors that resemble herbal and earthy tones. For the logo we wanted

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2 Korean Girls

2 Korean Girls is a new delivery restaurant in Miami, Florida. Two Korean Girls aimed to have a huge rollout, so they needed packaging that represented their brand, caught the eye of social influencers and added some excitement to the delivery process. We designed a delivery box with a bubbly, pink aesthetic reminiscent of Korean

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Concentric Consulting

Concentric Consulting is a premium nutrition and exercise coaching service that helps hundreds of clients achieve inspiring before-and-afters. We developed a brand that's consistent with the professionalism and intention behind their business, with a logo mark and color palette that project their premier market position. Then we animated it just to show off a little.

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Hockey Invitational

A local Chicago hockey association contacted MCLLC looking for a logo to announce their new tournament. Our team worked closely with the league director to create a bold, vector logo that could be used in both print and digital applications.

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Ella CityHomes

Ella CityHomes is a luxurious townhome development located in Colorado. By researching the history and location of the neighborhood, our team was able to provide various naming conventions for the development. Inspired by the neighborhood, Bellaire Street gives birth to the name “Ella” located in the center of the word. The logo uses a wide

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