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Case Study



Espadin Lohi, by Urban Green Developments, introduces a new style of living to Denver’s most hip evolving neighborhood. Lohi is a mix of sleek, ultra-modern new architecture surrounded by the area’s beautiful Victorian history. The neighborhood is vibrant, contemporary and raises the bar for urban living in Denver. Espadin Lohi adds to the high-design, high-function and high-efficiency of the neighborhood. What’s more, these homes are developed with versatility for use as full-time residences or as short-term rentals with amenity services to manage all of the details.









Espadin has plenty of highlights that make it easy to brag as a brand. The development’s most unique talking point, though, is tightly regulated by the SEC. Instead of directly addressing the revenue-generating potential of Espadin’s short term rental opportunity, we wrote copy that illustrated Denver’s thriving tourism market and the neighborhood’s draw to visitors and its accessibility to the city’s other highlights.



Formerly “The Lighthouse Lofts,” the developer wanted to rebrand the development as “Espadin” as an homage to agave spirits. It certainly speaks to the mixology trend that appeals to its demographic. More importantly, it refers to the long-standing culture of agave spirit production. A culture that respects tradition and takes great care to protect our Earth’s resources — features integral to the design, construction and culture of Espadin Lohi.



The Espadin logo is designed with its namesake plant in mind, with sharp points at the ends of the leafy stems and strokes that comprise each character. Since the logo uses such distinctly stylized typography, agnostic sans-serif fonts are used throughout the balance of the identity as to not detract from the logo. The espadin plant and its environment provided equal inspiration for the brand’s color palette. Deep dark green, brown and tan create an earthy base that matches the building itself. While gold accents are used as highlights throughout.


Website was developed on WordPress to project the luxurious amenities and modern construction of the development. The website is an engaging exploration of Denver and LoHi; highlighting the attractive value of ownership. goes far beyond the capacity of a brokerage landing page or an MLS listing. As a WordPress site it’s quick and easy to update listings and keep the site current through the entire project sales cycle.



@liveespadin is a platform on Facebook and Instagram for potential buyers to explore and validate their passion for the development. We ensure engagement by writing copy that speaks to the unique attributes of these homes and developing creative that leverages a multitude of media. The resulting feed, full of highly branded content, creates potential for Espadin’s social platforms to also serve as a foundation for a gangbusters paid social media campaign.