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Gwen Hotel Wallpaper and Signs

The Gwen Hotel has an amazing story. To inform guests of their history, their namesake sculptor, and the plans for the hotel’s renovation, they wanted to create something similar to a museum exhibit on their tenth floor, which will serve as the temporary lobby during renovations. Floor to ceiling custom designed wallpaper includes historical and contemporary images of the property, the city, and the namesake sculptor Gwen Lux. Using acrylic and frosted vinyl, we recreated the four significant sculptures that adorned the original building and mounted them from the ceiling in a down-lit feature box. Acrylic boards printed on their second surface feature renderings of the future renovations with descriptive copy contour cut out of metallic vinyl and a background of crystal frosted material. Michael Coleman, LLC managed this project from concept to completion including wallpaper and signage design, sign production, wallpaper printing and installation, and sign installation.