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Michael Coleman

Principal, Michael Coleman, LLC.


Establish long term relationships that seamlessly integrate creative marketing and advertising services into our clients’ organization by customizing our offerings to the precise scale and pricepoint at which they are necessary, offering outstanding expertise, no-nonsense professional relationships, and careful cost controls.



AUTHENTICITY  |  In our office and our client relationships we represent ourselves accurately. If there’s a question, we ask. If an issue arises, we address it. Being open and forthright keeps things moving along with the fewest bumps in the road.

AWARENESS  |  Instead of being a valuable tool, authenticity can be a dangerous weapon if it’s not paired with awareness. We’re constantly exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the world around us to ensure that we’re seeing things without any fog on our lenses.

PASSION  |  Great ideas grow out of passion. We put a lot of work into understanding our clients’ vision and developing connections to their products and services. A shared perspective means we’re more likely to produce work that is on point with your expectations.

HARD WORK  |  Sometimes getting the job done means being up before the sun and working late into the night. We care about our clients’ success and know that it’s integral to our own. When your business demands an exceptional turnaround, you can rest assured we will step up and help make it happen.

ADAPTABILITY  |  We want to make our services simple for our clients. If that means working on site, off site, or any combination thereof, we’re cool with it. We’ll take a trip to production facilities to make sure your project looks perfect on press and we’ll communicate directly with that vendor who makes your life difficult. Our goal is to get the job done, and we’ll do what it takes to get there.